Period poverty increasingly hurting education of girls

Armoede maakt dat meisjes periodiek niet naar school kunnen...

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Bio rijst-groenten en fruitproject

Bio rijst-groenten en fruit project

Reeds meer dan 10 jaar hebben we met onze VZW het bio rijstproject in Anuradhapura. We begonnen met ongeveer 30 boeren en momenteel zijn er meer dan 1500 aangesloten leden.

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Nieuws uit Sri Lanka

MDKF Changed the lifestyles of women in Tsunami village, Negombo

Due to the closure of the country as a result of Corona Virus, the mostly affected are the daily wage earners such as fishermen, construction workers and etc… The Tsunami village in Wellaweediya- Negombo is such affected party. During the said period they took meals only twice a day.

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Hierbij een getuigenis van een student die van de VZW MDK steun ontvangt.


Sinesh Salinda
Edirisinghe Mawatha,

The President
Martin De Kegal Foundation
Dear Sir/ Madam
I am Sinesh Salinda, 25 years old university student of Badulla. I am starting my 4 th educational year
already. I have training period of 3 months in multy purpose cooperative society in Nuwaraeliya. My
mother is a member of women’s group of MDKF Nuwaraeliya. I got scholarships by Martin De Kegal
Foundation during my school days and university days too. It helped me lot in my education. My parents
are very poor and scholarships help to my educational needs.
My hobby is to help poor children for their educational needs. There are lot of poor children in my
neibourhood and I help to them free of charge. I like to share my knowledge and books with others
too.I am very happy to hear that teye passed their examinations with my help.
I am very greatful to the Martin de Kegal foundation because they doing a great job to poor children in
Sri Lanka. I build my personality and studies with your marvelous assistance in every and each year. I
always pray for you and other people who involved this yeoman service. Thank you very much for your
Thank You,
Sinesh Salinda

Nieuw bestuur

Na 17 jaar werd het bestuur in Sri Lanka vernieuwd!


Na 17 jaar werking van de VZW, hebben we besloten om, in overleg met het comité ter plaatse, het bestuur in Sri Lanka te verjongen en te vernieuwen.

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